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1 in 5 US households canned foods in 2004

Preservation includes a variety of methods, from simply freezing foods like raspberries to pickling cucumbers. Preserving is a cost-effective way to extend the life of fresh, locally grown food through the non-growing season (typically late fall/early winter to early spring).


Preserving your garden harvest is a great way to save money because you are not paying for someone else to grow, preserve and advertise the food. You can reuse the same canning jars again and again rather than paying for the packaging of a product each time to buy it at the grocery store. And, you are not paying the costs of transporting the food across the globe.


You have ultimate control over what you are eating when preserving food for yourself with fresh whole ingredients. You do not have to worry about mystery "artificial preservatives" in your food and what they might include. And, you can tailor your preserved products to serve your own dietary wishes and needs, for example, by utilizing low sodium or sugar recipes.


You can involve your whole family in preservation-related activities, from picking produce at a pick your own farm to combining ingredients. Homemade preserved products also make great gifts for family and friends. There are plenty of related fun tasks that kids can complete on their own or with some assistance, such as painting or drawing labels.