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1 in 5 US households canned foods in 2004

Fruit products are preserved by sugar, which prevents micro-organism growth. The individual characteristics of different preserved fruit products depends on the type of fruit, preparation method, and ingredient proportions used.

Types of Preserves

  • Jellies - gelled fruit juice and sugar, fruity tasting
  • Jams - thick, sweet spreads made of fruit pieces and sugar
  • Preserves - small uniform size fruit pieces in slightly gelled syrup
  • Conserves - like jam, but with nuts, raisins or coconut
  • Marmalades - soft jellies with small pieces of fruit or peel and citrus
  • Fruit butters - sweet thick-consistency spreads made with fruit pulp
  • Honeys and syrups - generally liquid consistency, made with fruit pulp or juice

Primary Ingredients

  • Fruit - provides flavor, color, pectin, acid
  • Pectin - causes the fruit to gel
  • Acid - adds flavor, necessary for gelling
  • Sugar - adds flavor, right proportion required for gelling