Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Food security means access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food for all people at all times.

Growhio is a nonprofit Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative designed to strenghten and support Northeast Ohio's local food economy through marketing, branding and collaboration. We partner with and organizations and businesses to promote their local food projects and offerings and connect consumers to resources for buying and learning about local food.

Growhio was founded in August 2009 at the first Sustainable Cleveland 2019 summit.

Growhio is volunteer-run and relies on grant funding, merchandise sales, consultation fees and donations (monetary and in-kind) to support its activities. Growhio uses Kamm's Corners Development Corporation, a 501(c)(3) organization, as its fiscal agent for nonprofit status.

Growhio does not have a physical location. We use our fiscal agent Kamm's Corners Development Corporation's address as our mailing address: 17407 Lorain Ave, Suite 200, Cleveland, Ohio 44111. Our team operates virtually and via meetings at local establishments.

Growhio engages in a number of activities aimed at strengthening and supporting Northeast Ohio's local food economy. Our efforts include extensive marketing and promotion through e-newsletters, blog posts, a strong social media presence and multiple other outlets. Through our website, promotional efforts and outreach, we connect consumers to information about buying and eating local. We also participate in a number of strategic events to directly interact with consumers, hand out what's in season guides and other tools, and spread the message of local food. We collaborate with farmers' markets to help them share best practices and jointly promote their benefits to vendors and consumers through our what's growing program. This collaboration includes a vendor assistance program that offers furnished booth space and resources for start-up farmers' market vendors. Growhio also publishes a local food guide, which provides a comprehensive listing of pick your own farms, farm stands, CSAs and farmers' markets in Northeast Ohio.

Growhio does not currently list local food businesses located outside of Northeast Ohio (more than 100 miles from Cleveland).

Growhio conducts extensive outreach to consumers to help them understand the benefits of local food and direct them to for information about where to buy local. Our 2011 marketing campaign reached an exposure of more than 2.9 million people. With more than 400 pageviews per week and 100 unique visitors per week, having your business listed on is an excellent way to reach an expanded customer base.

Visit the page (e.g. farms, CSAs & buying clubs, farmers' market, merchants and vendors, or restaurants and caterers) that best describes your business in the buy local section of our website. Click on the "Submit" tab and complete the submission form. Growhio will receive notification of your submission and review it. If your business qualifies for posting, we will add it to our online listings when we make website updates. Form submission does not automatically add your information to our listings.

Our team is occasionally available to talk about Growhio and share our experiences with larger audiences. Please contact us to discuss.

We love to share, but we are all volunteers with plenty of work to do! Growhio offers consulting services to individuals or groups considering starting a local food project or planning an event, including one-on-one meetings or phone conversations, event planning, promotion and additional services. For information on these services and associated fees, please contact us.

Growhio promotes businesses that sell local food, but Growhio does not sell any food.

We sell Growhio merchandise at various local events throughout the year. Please check our Growhio Events calendar for upcoming events. You can also contact us to make arrangements to purchase merchandise.

There are a number of ways to assist in Growhio's efforts. Please visit the Get Involved section of our website for more information.