did you know?

1 in 5 US households canned foods in 2004

Drying is one of the oldest preservation methods and can be used on a wide variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables, herbs, meats, seeds and fish. It involves removing moisture content from food, which makes it harder for spoil-causing micro-organisms to grow. Drying is low-cost and can be done using several different types of equipment, such as standard and convection ovens and food dehydrators.

What to Dry

  • Fruits with low water content, e.g. apples, berries
  • Vegetables with low water content, e.g. corn, beans, peas
  • Lean meats, e.g. beef, lamp and venison
  • Herbs, all types
  • Fish as part of smoke curing

Not Recommended for Drying

  • Fruits with high water content, e.g. melons
  • Vegetables with high water content, e.g. cucumbers, lettuce
  • Poultry when making jerky