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Community gardens in Cuyahoga County produce
more than $2.5 million worth of fresh produce per year

Community gardens and orchards provide a great opportunity for community members, neighbors and residents to grow local food while enhancing the value of their neighborhoods. They can be divided into plots rented by individual members or organized as a single large plot tended by all garden members.

Find a Garden

With more than 200 community gardens in Cuyahoga County alone, there is a good chance you will find one near you. Use the map below, or if you live outside Cuyahoga County, use the American Community Garden Association's (ACGA) database of community gardens in Northeast Ohio.

View Community Gardens of Cuyahoga County in a larger map

Start a Garden

OSU Extension - Cuyahoga County provides the network of gardeners in our area with information and support to create and maintain thriving community gardens. Visit the OSU Extension - Cuyahoga County website for information about available workshops and programs, as well as Dig In! A Guide for Starting a Community Garden (PDF).